Devices designed for all learners

Chromebooks include accessibility right out of the box, unlocking learning experiences for students with diverse needs, abilities and learning styles. Built-in settings and easy-to-use apps and extensions help customize the learning experience to include and engage every student.

Kid using a computer with ear-pods.

Equity in education begins with access

Every student deserves a quality education, with the tools they need to explore, discover, create and achieve their full potential. Chromebooks help extend and expand the modern learning experience to more students, including those with disabilities and diverse approaches to learning.

In classrooms around the world, Chromebooks are connecting students to the information they need, in the way they need to experience it, with the tools they need to do their best work.


Adjust audio preferences and view closed captions

Help someone who is deaf or hard of hearing access information from audio- and video-based content.

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Animation of a laptop playing a sound.

Mono audio

Play the same sound through both speakers for users who are deaf or hard of hearing in one ear.

Closed captioning

Access closed captioning for videos that meet the latest standards.

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Customize with apps and extensions to meet individual needs

Explore a range of resources to help tailor the Chromebook experience for students’ diverse needs and learning styles.

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